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"Virtually all of the investigation a person ever does, whether of himself or of problems outside himself, consists for the most part of pyramids of answers to that

basic question about the essence of his being." - Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz


Private Sessions


Tailored to each individual, the traditional transmission of yoga is one-on-one, teacher to student.  Please see class descriptions page for the lineages and styles of yoga available.


Breath + Posture = Grace  

We all have the potential within us for greater change and forward evolution. What yoga's ancient and integrated methodology provides a is skillful way. Within the art of yoga, change and healing happens as the nervous and glandular systems are strengthened and the body systems come into conscious balance.  


Private sessions create changes that can be subtle or intense, yet these personalized and potent methods are also gentle, in that you will only go so far as your own power and flexibility allow. That which appears simple often has the greatest impact in life. This is true in our inner lives as well, and in yoga it is profoundly true.  How far you take your practice is up to you ..... here, there is no limit.                                                                                                                                 

The practices of yoga honor all of the layers of a person . They are called koshas in Sanskrit, and consist of the physical as well as the non-physical, the psychological as well as the energetic realms.      


Meditation + Visualization =

Energy for Transformation

Private sessions address mind, body, senses and being and may inlcude:                                                                                      

 * How to build a radiant yoga practice that fits your life.  


* Increased, strength, empowerment, centered-ness and awareness.


* Increased flexibility, adaptability, compassion and patience.           


*  Life-style & daily routines regarding vitality, diet, sleep cycles and more.                                                      

*  Capacity for consciousness.      


10 Benefits Of Authentic Yoga

* Learn safely and correctly from the start.

* Create freedom. Build a radiant practice that meet you where you are in this moment.

* Transform old, undesired patterns of thinking, reacting, and behavior.

* Cleansing practices for mind and body. Detoxification is one of Yoga’s greatest gifts.

* Rejuvenation, a higher rate of physical and psychological recuperation.

* Strength. The nervous system & glandular system can be re-balanced and attuned throughout life. Develop and empower the muscular system and cardio-vascular system.

* Learn natural methods for healthy living. Vitality, a clean diet, good sleep, clear thinking, creative energy, etc.

* Awaken joy and contentment each day.

* Meditation for higher awareness and a diamond-like mind.

* Faster recovery from poor health & drained energy.

De-stress + Un-ravel = Light up  

Individual sessions are $150. Multiple sessions of 4 and 10 are discounted.

To schedule a session go to the contact page to request a booking or

email Lea directly at:

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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