Move like Yourself.

Breathe like Yourself.  Know your Self.

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PRANA life-breath-movement; the energy of life at level of the heart


 MANDIR :   a temple or a house


PRANA MANDIR :  a sacred space for the energy of life; a temple of Prana


To be a friendly space for Yoga practice and a wellspring of inspiration for

life, art and community.  Established to teach pure forms of Yoga as

received from the teachings of these traditions.  Real and lasting health, happiness,

and contentment (attunement with one's self) can be gained through the practice of

Yoga and Meditation.


We promote non-violence, community service, and working towards establishing peace, prosperity and kindness in our world.  

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Take an online class with Lea

Live online or archived + resources from the month's theme.  This option gives you the chance to join a class and to see what the  private portal, our "virtual studio"  is all about. 


Enjoy original art, articles, even printable Yoga series  + access to the yoga or meditation class of your choice.  See class descriptions page for the schedule. Your donation is your registration.  Suggested/ $28   To register, send your donation to :

PRANA MANDIR Global on Zoom

Center your practice in ongoing evolutionary exploration.  Become a Prana Mandir Global member at:


Ayurvedic Yoga Consultation 

Receive an in-depth review of your health and wellness history together with implementation of Ayurvedic and Yogic practices and principles. 

Whether you are in need of a cohesive healing session or are looking to understand the cause of injuries and chronic illness, this is the best option. You will be provided a well-conceived and organized holistic plan for heathful healing that tragets root causes of symptomology holistically through yoga and ayurveda. 


For those with IBS and chronic digestive stress, an Ayurvedic Yoga session with guided meditation and breathwork help strengthen agni ( the inner fire, and importantly including the gut fire ) for proper absorption and for building back strength in the body, mind and Being. Without good absorption, which is your mind and body's capacity for transformation, digestion will be weak or incomplete.


Breath work, good food for your constitution, seasonal alignment, and the right herbal support will lead your toward true harmony and daily balance.


When you have too many answers and not enough clarity, it’s time for an Ayurvedic Yoga Consultation. See more on the Yoga Therapy page. Or contact us directly to book a session.

Private Holistic Yoga 

90 minute session

Individualized attention, working with a specific intention, is worth its weight in gold.

A private session with Lea will connect you to your true mind and sacred breath.


Sometimes students prefer to continue with private sessions after they have had an intial Ayurvedic Yoga consultation to have the time and guidance to more fully develop new aspects of their practice while having the support to put it all together.

Making a designated space for your spiritual practice is about maintaining peace & synthesizing your evolution. Knowing how to land in balance and manage whatever personal tendencies you fall into will;  whether it is to be too scattered (Vatta), too overly exerted (Pitta), or too stagnant (Kapha) is essential knowledge at this time. 

Life can overload us unless we set the hum!

Private sessions will restore your natural balance. See more about Private Sessions.

Or book 1 session - in person in Altadena, California or online - for $150 with this link: