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Sunday, February 18

1:00pm - 3:00pm

A sacred sound gathering at the Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living, in Pasadena, Ca.

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Gifts of Yoga

 Online and Archived Classes!

 Suggested donation: $50 - $80

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Lea's Kriya Yoga Book  

Kriyas, Yoga series, meditations, Tantric and ayurvedic philosophy.  120+ pages spiral bound and blessed will be mailed to you within 10 days!

The material was created from 9 years of intense spiritual research, developed from 20+ years of giving teacher trainings in Kundalini Kriya Yoga for healing and beyond healing.  

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Move like Yourself.

Breathe like Yourself.  

Know your Self.


PRANA Life-breath-movement; the life-energy of life at the heart


MANDIR:  A temple or a house


PRANA MANDIR:  A sacred space for the energy of life; a Prana temple


To be a friendly space for Yoga practice and a wellspring of inspiration for life, art and radiant health.  Prana Mandir Yoga was established in 2002 to teach pure forms of Yoga, as received from tradition holders and in honor of the lineage teachings of Yoga.  


Real and lasting health, consciousness, and contentment (attunement with one's self) can be gained through the practice of Yoga and Meditation.


We promote non-violence, community service, and working to establish peace, prosperity and kindness in the world.  

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Consultation 

90 minute session


An in-depth review of your health and wellness. Look at your total health history.  Discover with Lea, where your vibrancy can be raised and strengthened, together with implementation of Yogic and Ayurvedic and practices and routines. 

When you are in need of a cohesive healing session and are seeking an understanding of the root cause of injuries and chronic illness, this is the best option.   The Yoga Therapy program gives you a complete, personal plan for integrated healing that targets underlying causes of imbalance and symptomatology holistically, through the resources of yoga and ayurveda. 


For those healing from IBS and chronic digestive issues, Ayurvedic Yoga with guided meditation and breathwork helps strengthen agni ( the inner fire, importantly including the gut fire ) to regain proper absorption and build back strength in the body, mind and Being.  Without good absorption, which is your mind and body's capacity for transformation, digestion will tend to be weak or incomplete.


Kundalini Kriya Yoga is composed of uniquely attuned and often ancient series of movements, breath and sound.   Yoga Therapy sessions with Lea may include Kriya Yoga to aid and accelerate healing from chronic illness.  Pranayama, the aspect of classical yoga known as Breath Work, is the best nutrition for the mind & body, as it evokes deep cellular memory to re-pattern weakness and tension in the subtle energy weave of the mind and body.   Together with routines for seasonal alignment, stress and chronic pain will be reduced.  And, essential for everyone healing from injury and chronic illness, the right diet for your dosha, your personal constitution, with natural, unprocessed foods and ayurvedic herbs will bring balance back to daily health and harmony.


Empowered Healing


Too often when seeking solutions for poor health and declining wellness, patients are given lots of information but little true guidance.  When there are too many answers but no clarity, it’s time for an Ayurvedic Yoga Consultation!

Read more about Yoga Therapy.         Contact us directly to book a session.

Private Work & Holistic Yoga 

60 - 90 minute session

A private session with individualized attention and specific intention will reconnect you with your true mind and sacred breath.


Sometimes students prefer to continue with private sessions after an intial Ayurvedic Yoga consultation, to guide and develop new aspects of their practice while having the support to put it all together.

Designating time and space for yoga is about maintaining inner peace & dedication to your creative evolution.  


True Yogis know how to land in balance, wherever life takes them, and to insightfully understand their own personal tendencies.  We all instinctually fall into certain patterns, whether it is to be too scattered (Vatta), too overly exerted (Pitta), or too stagnant (Kapha). Counter balancing this is essential knowledge is for ongoing spiritual sanctity.

Life can be an overload unless we set the hum!

Private sessions with Lea help to deepen skills of Yoga and restore inner, balanced joy.  


More about Private Sessions

Book a session in person in Pasadena, California or online.

Special offer! $150 for January 2024 (a $25 discount)

Register with the link below and please note what dates/ times you would like:

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White Tara, the Mother Goddess known as the "Wish Fulfilling Wheel" 

Meditation Mudra for connection.

Subscription Membership

Center daily practice in evolution and exploration. 

The Virtual Studio is a member's portal presenting original art, spiritual wisdom, ayurvedic recipes & more, even printable Yoga series each month! 

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Thematic & personalized to bring you health, strength & vital energy. 


Subscription Membership

Rather than taking classes to get a break from life -

practice your life as a path to the heart of Yoga.

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